The new range B-Nat is a line of baking moulds made of Hi-Top steel with a Ilaflon Special double layer non-stick coating with Carnauba Wax.
The carnauba wax gives a slippery effect creating a truly natural non-stick coating.

The Carnauba wax is obtained from the leaves of the Copernicia prunifera and it is the result of the natural process of wax production generated by the tree. The wax is produced thanks to the modification of the surface of the leaf to increase its impermeability during the rainy season. This wax, produced naturally, is collected during the dry season in the form of flakes. Widely used in different sectors, it is employed in the production of the non-stick coating of the range B-Nat, giving the moulds more brightness, for naturally non-stick moulds.

linea b nat sostenibilita qualita it

B-Nat line: sustainability and quality in a 100% Made in Italy collection.