Our quality

Guardini is mainly fantasy, talent and sensitivity, which enable us to understand the evolving needs to transform our products in the perfect solutions.

Guardini Qualita 1
Always careful to the tastes of those who purchase and to the needs of who sales, Guardini knows how to read creatively the desires and the needs of those who love to cook, not forgetting to offer the most efficient commercial solutions to the distribution.
The quality of materials, the incredible variety of the shapes, the colors, the functional use, make of the numerous Guardini products the fundamental allies for those who want to live their kitchen light-hearted and with a creative spirit.
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Our success is also due to a constant research for excellent materials which guarantee incredible performances: ease of cooking and cleaning, wear resistance and perfect demoulding.
Hi-Top steel and last generation innovative non-stick coatings: the best answer to the cooking needs of those who live their kitchen with passion.

Guardini’s oven moulds are made of ECCS (Electrolytic Chromium Coated Steel) and TFS (Tin Free Steel), a quality of steel made specifically for baking desserts or cooking savory dishes in the oven.
Thanks to its thermal conductivity and to its low thickness, this type of steel guarantees, better than any other material, a fast and uniform cooking in the oven.
Its high resistance is key to the production of oven moulds with very thin materials to optimize the lapse of time and the quality of the cooking .

The high performance linked to our material combines with the advantages of the nonstick coating: the steel is coated with a non-stick coating which guarantees an easy demoulding of the dessert and a complete cleaning of the mould after using it.
The non-stick coatings enable to cook reducing the use of oils and greasy ingredients, fundamental rules to cook in a healthy and appropriate way.
All the non-stick coatings of Guardini’s moulds have been tested and approved by certified laboratories and are used in the full respect of quality standards and of the international regulations which control the features of the materials destined for being in contact with food (FCM).


All Guardini steel moulds with non-stick coating are BPA, PFOA and Heavy Metal free.

  • Double layer non-stick coating
  • Thickness: 10 -18 micron.
  • Maximum temperature: 230°C.
Skandia Xtreme
  • Double layer non-stick coating.
  • Thickness: 7-15 micron.
  • Maximum temperature: 230°C.
Rivestimento Amico BPA FREE
Rivestimento Amico PFOA FREE