XBake is a bakeware collection with a reduced environmental impact, made of a support steel coming from production processes transformed thanks to sustainable innovative technologies and therefore equipped with an XCarb® green steel certificate, a trademark registered by ArcelorMittal. This represents the path taken towards the decarbonisation of the steel industry production process, contributing significantly to the reduction of the CO₂ emissions in the atmosphere.

The XBake moulds are made with an innovative non-stick coating, which is PTFE and PFAS-free and reinforced with ceramic particles, studied and produced by ILAG.

XBake represents a concrete action undertaken by Guardini and its supply chain towards the reduction of the environmental impact.

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linea xbake

XBake, a good story that deserves to be told

linea xbake

XBake, the new bakeware collection with a reduced environmental impact.