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Buone ferie - Agosto (EN)

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Guardini S.p.a. CHOCOFORME gift box, 3 pcs The Chocoforme gift box contains: 1 springform with 1 base (Ø 26 cm) 1 flan tin (Ø 28 cm) 1 loa.. Product #: 00737H Regular price: $20.94 $20.94

CHOCOFORME gift box, 3 pcs

Item code: 00737H
Available sizes: cm 30 x 30 x 13,5
Weight: 0.42kg

Currently not available in stock.

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The Chocoforme gift box contains:

  • 1 springform with 1 base (Ø 26 cm)
  • 1 flan tin (Ø 28 cm)
  • 1 loaf tin (25 cm)

Body metalHi Top steel
Non-stick coatingIlaflon Special
Layers of non-stick coatingdouble layer
FeaturesBPA, PFOA and heavy metal free
External colorchocolate
Internal colorcream
Sizes availablescm 30 x 30 x 13,5
Max temperature230°
Business informations
Number of pieces per carton4
Eancode8006043 000573

To view directions for use download the pdf by clicking the link.

Directions for use

“Le Chocoforme” is a two-tone range of moulds, coated externally with chocolate colour and internally with non-stick cream colour. “Le Nuove Chocoforme” allows to bake delicious cakes... in delicious tins.

Made of Hi-Top steel with a double layer of ILAFLON SPECIAL, “Le Nuove Chocoforme” moulds ensure perfect baking results and excellent food release. Thanks to the perfect heat distribution of the steel and to its low thickness, the baking performances are increased.

This type of coating ensures excellent non-stick properties, ease of cooking and cleaning after use. Thanks to its abrasion resistance this coating is ideal for intensive use.


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