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Commitment and passion. Our quality.

“QUALITY” is Guardini’s first value, which has been placed at the centre of the first visual and the subsequent communication spin-off.

Quality means a good working environment, quality of raw materials used by the Company for the production of its products, respect for the environment and sustainability, quality of MADE IN ITALY.

The visual depicts a baking mould filled with lush green hills, synonymous with a healthy, calm and cheerful lifestyle. This is the atmosphere that we breathe within the Company. A modern, eco-sustainable and bright plant. A protected haven where technology and nature live in perfect harmony.

This combination is illustrated by the contrast between nature and sustainable, renewable energy production systems, such as solar panels and wind mill.

Mount Monviso towers in the background, as the undisputed protagonist of the Turinese landscape that binds us to the notion of the quality “Made in Italy”. Guardini can boast 70 years’ experience in all-Italian production. This is an important characteristic within a market that is increasingly turning to overseas production. Made in Italy has always been synonymous with quality, from the type of workmanship, which has its roots in a strong tradition continued by the people who put their passion and life in the production of bakeware, to the quality of the raw materials. When it comes to food, it is crucial to rely on professionalism that guarantees the products used for cooking.

The notion of quality is also addressed through an editorial line on the social media, divided into sections.

#noteverybodyknowsthat: Short articles dealing with topics that are often surrounded by uncertainty, such as sustainability, renewable energies, curious facts related to food and information about the company and its products.

#besmart: Tips on cooking and advice on how best to use our products.

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Guardini S.p.A.

  • Via Cravero 9
    10088 Volpiano (Torino), Italia
  • Tel. +39 011.9952890
  • Fax +39 011.9952142

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