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The new strategy and corporate image


NEWS 70 ANNI DI STORIE E SAPORI ITALIANIGuardini has been producing baking pans and moulds for 70 years. All of our kitchens tell stories: family stories, love stories, tales of tradition and creativity.
With our new campaign we wanted to show you that within Guardini’s moulds these stories are really there, like still images, Polaroid pictures capturing a moment, a place, a situation.

We started with a picture of winter, snow, candles on top of a mountain to celebrate this great milestone. The mountains tell about a moment of relaxation, where there are children playing and people skiing. We wanted to depict “a story” inside a baking pan.
These are “micro-worlds”, landscapes that are even a bit fairy-like, where everyone can find their place.

Ideally this concept is infinite because stories are endless.
With the countryside in summer we intended to represent an almost fairy-tale scenario, the place of many adventures. How many stories can be come alive in an enchanted place? Furthermore, Guardini has always been interested in environmental issues and the world of food has always been inextricably linked to the quality of raw materials.

For once we did not want to portray “food”, but to show our product in the foreground: THE PANS/MOULDS. Baking pans as containers of feelings, emotions and of course, stories.

We set out from here to tell stories divided into 5 themes:

  • love
  • tradition
  • team/family
  • quality
  • art


All these themes fall within the large container of these values: our MADE IN ITALY.

These are the themes reflecting Guardini’s philosophy. The 5 images will be used as company campaigns and will be communication spin offs that will cover one year’s communication and tell about Guardini’s world.

We start with the concept of QUALITY. Quality intended as a working environment, respect of the environment, quality of raw materials and of products made in Italy.
We tell you curiosities about the company, our products and the environment.

This way, we will try to attract the attention of a wider audience, not only cooking enthusiasts. Everyone eats, everyone cooks, everyone has a baking pan at home. Not everyone is a food addict, but we can touch their heart through other aspects in Guardini’s products. In fact, behind these products there is not only the guarantee of an excellent result, but also a company that has been working with love, passion, innovation and respect of our traditions for 70 years.

Guardini S.p.A.

  • Via Cravero 9
    10088 Volpiano (Torino), Italia
  • Tel. +39 011.9952890
  • Fax +39 011.9952142

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